Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Barbara Mori

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Barbara Mori

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Barbara Mori

Barbara Mori Ochoa is an extremely exotic Mexican actress and model. I say that she’s exotic because she’s the perfect mix of Mexican, Uruguayan, and Japanese. This gives her the perfectly dark toned skin, the red hot Latina passion, and the most seductive of eyes. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Even though Barbara has a very Latin background, she really splashed on the scene in a Bollywood film. Playing the female lead in the movie, “Kites” Mori convinced the world that she was a very sexy Indian woman. Before all that fame, she was a very successful telenovela star in the hit, “Azul Tequila”.

This picture shows off Barbara’s sexy goodness in leagues. First, there’s her face. Looking at the smirk on her face, you know she’s just looking to be naughty, party, and get into a lot of trouble. Then she’s wearing some sort of black leather vest as if she just got off a motorcycle. Of course, she’s unzipping it for our viewing pleasure. What she reveals are her beautiful big breasts (well, the right one, at least). They look like they’re fake breasts, but they definitely look spectacular. Her nipple is covered up in this one, but I like to think it’s hard because she’s so excited to see us.

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  1. Barbara Mori is from Uruguay, not Mexico... you have a really cool blog :D


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