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Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Elsa Benitez in a BIkini

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Elsa Benitez

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Elsa Benitez in a bikini

Elsa Benitez is a Mexican model and has worked all over the world, but most prominently in the US and Europe. Her biggest break came when she was selected to be on the cover of the 2001 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Also, in the 2004 edition, it discussed how Elsa almost boarded the famed TWA flight 800, which exploded shortly after takeoff. That would have been a tragedy for the world. Recently, in July 2009, it was announced that she would host Mexico’s Top Model television program.

This picture, taken probably from the swimsuit magazine, shows how amazingly beautiful this woman is. She really knows how to take a picture and there is no other word for it other than she seduces the camera. She seduces all men she comes around too. With that tiny body and those beautiful fake breasts of hers, she would bring any man to their knees.

For all these great qualities, one of the things I would look for is approachability. You know, those women that are obviously beautiful, but appear so sweet that you could see yourself walking up to them and striking up a conversation and they wouldn’t leave immediately. You see these qualities in their smile, their facial expressions, and their eyes.

Elsa, although a drop dead gorgeous bombshell, does not put off those qualities. But, hey, she’s still great to look at.

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Ana de la Reguera Naked

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Ana de la Reguera

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Ana de la Reguera Naked

Ana de la Reguera is a Mexican actress that was born in 1977. She hasn’t quite crossed over to the Hollywood screen like other Mexicans such as Salma Hayek, but she has made her mark in Mexican cinema. Some of her best known appearances were in such films as “Un Secreto de Esperanza” and “Ladies Night”. In “Ladies Night”, she played alongside Ana Claudia Talancon. In 2006, she host the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America.

Looking at this picture, you can see what all of the excitement is all about. This photo shows all of Ana’s beauty in a very artistic way. Her face shows that she has a natural beauty. It is sculpted perfectly, but you get the sense that she doesn’t need any makeup to make her beautiful. She is beautiful and has been from the beginning. Her hair is long, wavy and flowing. It’s as if she is a Mexican goddess (which she is). Her body is beautiful and looks like a real woman’s body. You can tell she works out by looking at the tone of her arms and legs, but you can also tell that she hasn’t manufactured a “perfect” body and is proud of how she looks. Her breasts are beautiful… what can I say. She has big, beautiful, natural, latin breasts that round out the entire package.

A sultry kind of sexy is how I would describe Ana. She is an older actress, but with age comes experience and you feel that with Ana, you get an amazingly sexy woman, but also someone who could show you a thing or two.

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Ana Claudia Talancon in a bikini

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Ana Claudia Talancon

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Ana Claudia Talancon in a bikini

Ana Claudia Talancon is an extremely sexy Mexican actress that is from Cancun, Mexico. She got her first big break playing Coco in the controversial movie, “Fast Food Nation”. If you remember the movie, you’ll recall that she was the very sexy refugee that has a bad time. In addition to this movie she has starred in a number of Mexican flics and has also appeared in a number of swimsuit and lingerie ads.

This picture is from one of her swimsuit ads and it shows off why she has graced our humble blog. The first thing you’ll notice is that she is young. I mean she looks really young. She has that really innocent look about her and that makes her looked untouched and untarnished. This, of course, makes her even more appealing. Her skin is a perfect tone and makes her look exotic, but not too low class. Her breasts are beautiful, young, and perky which make them fill out anything she wears very well. Her body all around is thin and toned and it really is quite perfect. Her ass is quite nice as well and this picture shows it off quite nicely. Once again, it just shows that her body is perfect.

One more thought. Look at her face and look at her expression. Her face looks at you not with an overt sexuality, but with a sweetness that can’t be ignored. This makes you not only take her to bed, but also take care of her.

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Salma Hayek in lingerie

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Salma Hayek

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Salma Hayek in lingerie

There are few Mexican women with as much sex appeal as Salma Hayek. Born in 1966, Salma has established herself as a very capable Mexican actress. She was the first Mexican actress win the Academy award for Best Actress. She started her career in the 1995 film Desperado playing opposite Antonio Banderas. It is in this movie where she took the world by storm with her sultry moves and sexy accent. She’s acted in other movies such as “From Dusk Til Dawn”, “Fools Rush In”, and “Once upon a Time in Mexico”. Recently, she was a cameo in the hit TV series “Ugly Betty” when she played a Mexican magazine editor.

This picture shows Salma’s sex appeal in its best form. You can see her laying on a bed in her sexy lingerie with her legs to one side looking back as if to say, “I want you. Come and get me!”. This is what Salma does so incredibly well. She is just sexy. She doesn’t have to try at it, she just is. She can be walking on the street in her PJs and she would turn heads and stop traffic. This picture shows her beautiful features. Her hair is flowing and gorgeous. Her face is flawless with piercing eyes, plump inviting lips and her mouth is half open just asking you to kiss her. This nighty hides it, but Salma also has some of the biggest, firmest, most delectable breasts of any Hollywood actress. She wears all of this well and, although she is a very accomplished Hollywood actress, she looks like a real woman.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Why are Mexican Women so hot?

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Why are Mexican Women so hot?

Well that seems like a silly question. The luscious Latinas south of the Texas border just have sex appeal coming out of every pore. They are sexy. They are sultry. They have bodies that just won't quit. Most of all, though, they have that hot Latina blood running through their veins. That means that they are passionate in every aspect of their lives. This means they live their lives passionately, they dance passionately, and yes, they make love very passionately.

They also aren't afraid to have a true woman's body. That means that they have the breasts and they have the butt. They have butts so nice and round, you just want to take a bite out.

So Gentlemen, we will show only the finest Mexican women around here. So hold tight!
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