Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Ana Claudia Talancon in a bikini

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Ana Claudia Talancon

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Ana Claudia Talancon in a bikini

Ana Claudia Talancon is an extremely sexy Mexican actress that is from Cancun, Mexico. She got her first big break playing Coco in the controversial movie, “Fast Food Nation”. If you remember the movie, you’ll recall that she was the very sexy refugee that has a bad time. In addition to this movie she has starred in a number of Mexican flics and has also appeared in a number of swimsuit and lingerie ads.

This picture is from one of her swimsuit ads and it shows off why she has graced our humble blog. The first thing you’ll notice is that she is young. I mean she looks really young. She has that really innocent look about her and that makes her looked untouched and untarnished. This, of course, makes her even more appealing. Her skin is a perfect tone and makes her look exotic, but not too low class. Her breasts are beautiful, young, and perky which make them fill out anything she wears very well. Her body all around is thin and toned and it really is quite perfect. Her ass is quite nice as well and this picture shows it off quite nicely. Once again, it just shows that her body is perfect.

One more thought. Look at her face and look at her expression. Her face looks at you not with an overt sexuality, but with a sweetness that can’t be ignored. This makes you not only take her to bed, but also take care of her.

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