Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Ana de la Reguera Naked

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Ana de la Reguera

Sexy Hot Mexican Women - Ana de la Reguera Naked

Ana de la Reguera is a Mexican actress that was born in 1977. She hasn’t quite crossed over to the Hollywood screen like other Mexicans such as Salma Hayek, but she has made her mark in Mexican cinema. Some of her best known appearances were in such films as “Un Secreto de Esperanza” and “Ladies Night”. In “Ladies Night”, she played alongside Ana Claudia Talancon. In 2006, she host the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America.

Looking at this picture, you can see what all of the excitement is all about. This photo shows all of Ana’s beauty in a very artistic way. Her face shows that she has a natural beauty. It is sculpted perfectly, but you get the sense that she doesn’t need any makeup to make her beautiful. She is beautiful and has been from the beginning. Her hair is long, wavy and flowing. It’s as if she is a Mexican goddess (which she is). Her body is beautiful and looks like a real woman’s body. You can tell she works out by looking at the tone of her arms and legs, but you can also tell that she hasn’t manufactured a “perfect” body and is proud of how she looks. Her breasts are beautiful… what can I say. She has big, beautiful, natural, latin breasts that round out the entire package.

A sultry kind of sexy is how I would describe Ana. She is an older actress, but with age comes experience and you feel that with Ana, you get an amazingly sexy woman, but also someone who could show you a thing or two.

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